Terbo Treats #2: Terbodore Mocha Churros

Terbodore Mocha Churros
Makes 24 churros
For the churros:
200 ml water
½ cup …

2017 - 12 - 12

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Finding Terbo #1: Kikka

Already a well-established name in friendly Paarl, the two Kikka coffee shops …

2017 - 11 - 16

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Terbodore Brew Methods #1: AeroPress

We’re getting adventurous with coffee. Our upcoming new Terbodore Brew …

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Our New Franschhoek Roastery

When we decided to open a roastery in Franschhoek nearly …

2017 - 09 - 28

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We Go Bold With SA First

Our fresh new packaging was launched on 1 September, Spring …

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Terbo Treats #1: Espresso & Nutella S’more French Toast

Espresso & Nutella S’more French Toast
Prepare to drool with Chef …

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Mother City Hop

Terbodore is extremely proud to be associated with and to supply coffee to Mother City Hop – South Africa’s first ever swing dance festival…

2016 - 03 - 18

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Barista’s Guide

Looking to impress with some barista skills of your own? Or have you simply always been curious how those restaurant beverages were made?

2015 - 10 - 30

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The Perfect Cup

One of the many frequently asked questions by the patrons of both the Midlands and Franschhoek coffee roastery is “How do I brew the perfect cup of coffee?”

2015 - 09 - 28

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