Terbodore/Kin Culture Collaboration

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As part of our on-going effort to provide support and uplift local communities and projects, Terbodore has partnered with KIN Culture, based in the Western Cape. KIN Culture is a faith-based organisation that aims to provide orphans and vulnerable children with a safe home amongst a family and adopted children as well as encourage the development of life-skills and education for a brighter future. The end goal of KIN Culture is to establish a self-sustainable village in which the children and residents will have full access to a brand-new clinic for medical care and assistance, as well as a world-class school which aims to be on the forefront of educational trends and technological advances.

The physical and artistic development of each child is extremely important for KIN Culture, and as such each child will have full access to professional coaching in these respects. Within the KIN Culture village, every child will be given the opportunity to find their own unique place within the community. This means that whether they find a bright future in agriculture, medicine, science or the arts; KIN Culture envisages a community where every child has a chance to shine and become a star. As well as being self-sustainable and eco-friendly, the KIN Culture village will be home to a retail store that will sell their own products, a restaurant, deli, a radio station, a number of different studios, conference centre and guesthouse.

As part of our collaboration with the KIN Culture organisation, Terbodore have supplied hessian/burlap sacks in which we receive raw coffee. These sacks are then transformed into creative, unique and quality products which are sold on our website and shops. This partnership aims to develop skills and interests which will provide orphans and vulnerable children with the opportunity of creating a better life and a brighter future.

Kin Culture

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