Finding Terbo #1: Kikka

Already a well-established name in friendly Paarl, the two Kikka coffee shops and deli’s (soon to be three, but more on that later), Kikka Main and Kikka Laborie are friendly, welcoming spots where one can enjoy Terbodore coffee, healthy and tasty food that’s mostly made in-house, and even buy flowers. We paid their Laborie outlet a visit.

Started by Abe and Karike Conradie (Kikka is Karike’s nickname) back in 2004, these cafes have become a second home for many of their regulars. “We receive nothing but good feedback regarding the coffee,” says Abe.

Karike’s father used to farm Proteas and Kikka features many floral design touches that complement the flowers on sale, which includes the beautiful Protea. Abe is a well-known professional chef and is currently focusing his culinary energy on making sauces and coffee syrups called Black Gold under his company, AB Products. These are also sold at Kikka.

“Paarl is growing and we feel part of this growth,” says Abe. “We see Kikka as an oasis and we want our customers to feel safe, cared for and appreciated. We saw nothing but friendly service and smiles on the staff’s faces. “Coffee and food is what draws people in but ultimately it’s about service. We’re a community based coffee shop and we want to play a role in the community by improving not only our client’s lives but also our staff’s environment and their lives,” adds Abe.

Abe goes on to say that it’s not just a means to an end. “We’re constantly innovating and we’re hands on.” It’s clear that Abe and Karike are passionate and enjoy what they do. Abe has recently been experimenting with Nitro coffee. He poured one for us to try and it hit the spot, especially as it was a scorcher of a day in Paarl. Nitro is coffee infused with nitrogen and similar to a soda fountain. It’s super smooth and looks quite similar to a Guinness.

“We try develop new products on our menu, which keeps things interesting. And we’re able to do this easily with Karike being a nutritionist and myself a chef,” says Abe. “This helps especially when we’re looking at vegan and low-carb offerings.”

Soon Paarl will be able to experience yet another Kikka. A new one will be opening at The Avenues, opposite Paarl Boys Primary School in the coming months.



2017 - 11 - 16