SELECT Single Origin: Costa Rica El Cipres Limited Edition

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Terbodore’s SELECT range showcases some of the best single origin beans in the world. This limited edition El Cipres bean comes from Tarrazú in the central part of Costa Rica. It’s a truly special coffee with a cupping score of 84-85.

The farm where this coffee is grown belongs to Jesus Mora Camacho and Adelina Camacho Portugues. It has belonged to the Camacho Portugues family since 1939.

When the family moved into the region, they were one of the first to establish themselves in Llano Bonito de Leon Cortes, and the family dedicated their lives to the agricultural practices of coffee. The legacy of their family has continued to be carried through the generations and their goal now is to perpetuate the practices of high-end specialty coffee.

The main harvest for this bean is from December to February.

Tasting Notes – Green apple and grape with a creamy body
Processing – Honey Process
Varietal – Caturra
Growing Altitude – 1,650 MASL (metres above sea level)

250g  /  R130     –     1kg  /  R480

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