The Most Remote Terbodore Coffee Ever Made

Sean keeping an eye on a colony of King Penguins while savouring some Terbodore coffee

Last year we received an email from marine scientist, Sean Evans. Sean is a MSc. Candidate, Oceanography at the University of Cape Town.

He is part of a team spending a year on Marion Island and he asked us if we could fuel their coffee needs. What and where is Marion Island? I hear you ask. This small, remote island was annexed by South Africa in the 1950’s and is now the country’s only Special Marine Protected Area (SMPA). It’s 2,000km south east of Cape Town, and part of the Prince Edward Archipelago in the vast, empty South Atlantic Ocean.

South Africa has a weather station on Marion, responsible for a lot of the weather forecasts we get. The team get dropped off there by the research vessel SA Agulhas II and then only get picked up a year later. There’s no landing strip for aircraft.

The island also has hundreds of thousands of birds and seals that are protected under the SMPA. Sean’s job is to conduct research on the seals and take photos of them as well as birds in the process. We loaded him up with our blends (including Lazy Bones of course) and single origins, to warm up those cold days.

We have been receiving some epic images from Sean (below). We will hopefully be getting some cool videos as well, but the internet there is terrible!

Inquisitive fur seal pup and Albatross. A rare occurrence to have these two together
We get cold just looking at this. At least there’s Terbodore coffee to warm things up
King penguins wondering what this thing is hogging the limelight

2020 - 02 - 27