Cape Winelands – Franschhoek

Franschhoek Roastery

Terbodore was first started in 2004 by Marian Macaskill, but it was her son, Michael Macaskill, who in 2011, decided it was time to grow the family business and establish a second roastery in the Cape.

The scenic valley of Franschhoek was to become Terbodore’s new home. It took great courage to venture into the competitive Cape Town coffee market, but with incredible passion for our craft and enthusiastic staff like no other, we are now reaping the rewards for the belief we have had in our products. The full range of which is available at the roastery’s coffee shop — from our famous flavoured coffees to must have accessories for the coffee connoisseur.

Even with this kind of growth we stay true to our roots, we remain determined to provide quality hands-on service to each one of our customers. Through this approach we believe the spirit of the Midlands countryside will always be prevalent in each batch of beans we roast. So come unwind below the large pecan nut trees and enjoy an award winning cappuccino with us.

Opening Times:
MONDAY-FRIDAY 8:00 – 17:00

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Terbodore’s Custom Coffee Truck

The Terbodore custom coffee truck brings our freshly roasted premium coffee, along with farm fresh foods, to a place near you. Much like our Great Dane, we too needed to stretch our legs and venture out to share the tale of our meticulously roasted beans with you.
Keep up-to-date with where in the Cape the Terbodore coffee truck is going to be and come enjoy a slice of the countryside with us.

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